Vernon Maytone – On The Right Track: brand new LP by Uniteam France

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Album review for Vernon Maytone - On The Right Track by Ernie B’s Reggae, get your copy HERE!
All real instruments + excellent players + masterful engineering = A GREAT NEW ALBUM! Sounds just like it was recorded in 1982. In fact we had to read the jacket notes just to make sure it really is new recordings. No joke. Great performance by Lady Ann and welcome appearances by Prince Jazzbo, U Roy and the under-recorded Ricky Chaplin. Nice, smooth vocals from Vernon Maytone, in sort of a toned-down Glen Washington style. Bravo!
Musicians for Vernon Maytone - On The Right Track
BACKED BY: Uniteam All Stars
BASS: Fully Fullwood
GUITAR: Colin Webster
KEYBOARDS: Mighty Erbe
SAX: Everton Gayle

Production for Vernon Maytone - On The Right Track
RECORDED AT: Uniteam Music (France), Small World (Jamaica), Huge Studio (France) Mixed by Manu Genius (Dubshelter Recordings)

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