Brinsley Forde – Urban Jungle Review pt2: Another BIG UP from Ras Achis

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Second Review in and again it’s a real nice one: Check out Ras Achis blog if you like to read an intensive review!


thanks to Ras Achis:

‘Overall, unless I’m really forgetting about something (and I probably am), this is my favourite album that JahSolidRock has done with someone not named Chezidek. I do think that it is likely to find more of an audience amongst more longtime Reggae fans, though it is accessible, there is a clear lean here towards those who bring more experience (and if you’ve just read a review this long, surely you qualify) and for someone like that, You and I, there are germs to be found on this album. None of that, however, should be very surprising given the circumstances. Brinsley Forde‘s “Urban Jungle”is yet another in an increasingly lengthy queue of recent releases which demonstrate that ACTUAL talent does not come with a date of expiration. Now – time to get to work on that time machine. Very well done. ‘

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