Not Easy At All Productions signature sound was made all these years with Manu Genius at the controls and continuing this journey Dubshelter Recordings still specializes in handmade reggae originals, and what that means is none of this would happen without the help and musical input from all those lovely musical friends that are always ready to lift up the vibes, and travel from everywhere to the Dubshelter or record in other studios to drop their musical madness on our productions. As a producer in the space-age Manu works on a  sketch with drum/bass and chords and then the posse comes in: Here are presented the Singers and Players Of Instruments who are the foundation of our critically acclaimed original sound: thanks bredren!

marcohilgemanMarcus Hillman (Windseeds, The Vibe, Rohan Lee & The Recipe, Juicy, Vibes Alive, etc.)






hansvanscharen‘Ital’ Hans van Scharen (Liquid Sun Orchestra, The Vibe, Rohan Lee & The Recipe, Ska-D-Lite, etc.) www.hansvanscharen.com






obedobatbrinkmanObed ‘O-bat’ Brinkman (Obat & The Undead, Jammah Tammah, Zebra, Ska-D-Lite, etc.) www.obedbrinkman.nl






tribumanCédric ‘Tribuman’ Munsch (Jazzomatix, Skannibal Schmitt, Tribuman MC, etc.)






lodebuschLode Busch (Liquid Sun Orchestra, Vibes Alive, Rohan Lee & The Recipe, Toy Factory, etc.)








Kenneth ‘Benaïssa’ Linger (JahSolidRock)




together with even more musical friends now the Dubshelter records drums in-house too:

Ro KromRo ‘369’ Krom (Gotcha, Ro & The Paradise Funk, Kraak & Smaak, etc.) www.rokrom.nl






wimradicsverbruggenWim ‘Radics’ Verbruggen (www.ashamband.com)

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