Interview with Manu Genius:
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chapdemchaplincoverUniteam Music and Dubshelter Recordings are happy to announce the upcoming album from Ricky Chaplin, called “CHAP DEM CHAPLIN”!
Featuring Big Youth, Vernon Maytone, Patrick Andy, Prince Alla, Kiddus I, Echo Minott and two majestic subversions. First released on CD/digital and vinyl-version later this summer….
Reality, no compromise, no apologize!
Hope you all gonna love it as much as we do!


Distributed By Ernie B’s Reggae

produced by Tom Mr Chin for Uniteam France

mixed and mastered by Manu Genius at Dubshelter Recordings Studio

stay blessed each and everyone


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Dubshelter Recordings is Pon The Case

Having a smashing start of 2014, working on four albums with Tropical Storm, Joggo Seedorf, Stefaan Collieman, Vernon Maytone, a few fine EP’s, and a lot of single tracks. (Not talking about the secret projects lol) Giving thanks everytime, happy to find out that although I stopped using the name NOT EASY AT ALL PRODUCTIONS the Dubshelter studio is honoured for it’s sound even more than ever before.
So giving thanks to all artists that find their way to my humble studio, let me say I am ready for it, more love, more music! joggobunndubshelter

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Vernon Maytone – On The Right Track: brand new LP by Uniteam France

vernuniteamback vernuniteamfront

Album review for Vernon Maytone - On The Right Track by Ernie B’s Reggae, get your copy HERE!
All real instruments + excellent players + masterful engineering = A GREAT NEW ALBUM! Sounds just like it was recorded in 1982. In fact we had to read the jacket notes just to make sure it really is new recordings. No joke. Great performance by Lady Ann and welcome appearances by Prince Jazzbo, U Roy and the under-recorded Ricky Chaplin. Nice, smooth vocals from Vernon Maytone, in sort of a toned-down Glen Washington style. Bravo!
Musicians for Vernon Maytone - On The Right Track
BACKED BY: Uniteam All Stars
BASS: Fully Fullwood
GUITAR: Colin Webster
KEYBOARDS: Mighty Erbe
SAX: Everton Gayle

Production for Vernon Maytone - On The Right Track
RECORDED AT: Uniteam Music (France), Small World (Jamaica), Huge Studio (France) Mixed by Manu Genius (Dubshelter Recordings)

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Two more great reviews on Brinsley Forde’s Urban Jungle, thanks Angus Taylor and John Masouri!




Brinsley Forde - Urban Jungle

“a Brinsley longplayer by the highly-touted Dutch double-team of Jahsolidrock and Not Easy At All Productions. It’s an album of which all involved can be proud.
Unlike April’s Chezidek outing by Jahsolidrock and House of Riddim‘Urban Jungle’ returns to the familiar Not Easy At All sound.”

- See more at:

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“Brinsley Forde at his very best”: Urban Jungle Review part 3

reggaemanigreat review at Reggaemani, written by Erik Magni:

Urban Jungle is no exception with its live instrumentation and full horn arrangements. Far from it. It may be their finest work yet and they’ve managed to capture Brinsley Forde at his very best.”

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vernmaytoneQ: How did you link up with the Not Easy At All crew / Dubshelter Recordings? (currently one of Europe’s premier production houses based in Amsterdam). 

A: (Laughs) Jah works, you know! Someone from their crew called me and I voiced a track. They loved it and it developed from there. “Gonna Make It” is a new one, actually a single of my brand new album. 

Q: Right after the compilation album, you released “Words Of Wisdom” (Not Easy At All/Music Life Movements). I mean this sounds like your best work that you put out in the 1970’s. 

A: Yes, I like that album. We are working together permanently. I enjoy working with these bredrin, so big up Manu Genius! 

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JahSolidRock and Not Easy At All Productions doing it again!

creditsNuff thanks to all Singers & Players of Instruments and Ras Denco (JahSolidRock) for making it happen once again!
Brinsley Forde – Urban Jungle: Out Now!

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Brinsley Forde – Urban Jungle Review pt2: Another BIG UP from Ras Achis

JSRsmall Singles

Second Review in and again it’s a real nice one: Check out Ras Achis blog if you like to read an intensive review!


thanks to Ras Achis:

‘Overall, unless I’m really forgetting about something (and I probably am), this is my favourite album that JahSolidRock has done Continue reading

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Brinsley Forde – Urban Jungle : Out Now! 5-star review and entering the charts at nr 1 position

nr1brinsleyLarge 5-star review and entering the charts at

“Thus it ain’t really surprising that “Urban Jungle” — a consistent set that features impeccable bass driven riddims, mellifluous vocals, and inspired horns arrangements — brings back to mind some of the finest and most memorable moments of Aswad. The inspired mixing of Manu Genius shines bright throughout the entire album and also sonically this album is of high quality, which makes it very pleasing to the ear.”

Cd is now ready to order at your local record shop (support ‘m!) or your favorite online store!

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